Resolve Your Dispute Without Going To Court

Preparing yourself for mediation

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2023 | Mediation

Mediation has been pivotal in resolving civil disputes, particularly between business partners. In Ohio, mediation is the most effective alternative dispute resolution method. Not only does it help the disputing parties preserve their relationship, but it also keeps the disagreements private. However, mediation does not always guarantee a mutually beneficial settlement agreement. It is important to prepare yourself before going through the process.

Identify your goals and key interests

What do you want to get out of the mediation process? While you must prioritize your claims, you should also know precisely why you chose to go through mediation. Identify your nonnegotiables. Take time to realize what matters most to you, whether it is saving your relationship with the opposing party or obtaining full compensation. You might be able to do both with the help of a seasoned legal representative and a discerning and experienced mediator.

Be ready to listen to the opposing party

Mediation should allow opposing parties to communicate and negotiate openly. It provides a peaceful forum to help the opposing parties reach an agreement voluntarily. You both have control of the outcome but may lose it if neither of you is willing to cooperate.

Build your case and have a first offer ready

If you have a first order ready, it sets a standard for the following offers. You will have greater control over the final offer by defining a range for negotiations. A first offer can also ensure that you account for all the significant and relevant details, no matter how minor they seem.

Confide in your mediator

The mediator facilitates a negotiation between you and the opposing party. They will keep your conversations confidential. By confiding in your mediator, you allow them to understand your side of the story and why you decided to pursue mediation in the first place. You help them help you.