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Common reasons business partners find themselves in disputes

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2023 | Mediation

When you start a business with a partner, you hope that you won’t run into any disputes or disagreements. But you also know that it’s possible, which is why many people will use a business partnership agreement. It can lay out some of the steps that will need to be taken for dispute resolution.

But, why do these disputes occur in the first place? There are many reasons, but we will take a look at a few common ones below.

Financial issues

In some cases, there’s inequality when it comes to finances. Maybe one business partner receives more compensation from the company than the other. Maybe one person feels like they have had to invest a lot more of their personal funds in the business. Whenever things aren’t equal, there’s the potential for a dispute.

Goals and priorities

Additionally, business partners may just find that they have different priorities and different goals. Maybe they have an entirely different vision for what they want the company to be. Or perhaps the business is the top priority for one partner, but it is not for the other. This can lead them to feel like they are not putting in the same effort, another version of inequality.

Conflicting roles

Finally, it’s important for business partners to clearly define their roles within the company, whatever those might be. When they don’t do this, partners can run into conflicts where they both want to accomplish the same tasks or they both try to make the same decisions. They run into conflicts because they’re both working in the same area, whereas dividing roles can help things go smoothly.

Business partnership disputes can be resolved. Partners simply need to know what legal steps to take to do so.