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Small issues with a business partner are signs of larger issues

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2024 | Commercial Disputes

When you first agreed to a business partnership, you likely were expecting a lot to happen. Maybe you were expecting your partner to provide insights into the larger business world. Or, you may have intended for them to take on some important work that you did not have time to manage. That is typically the purpose of a business partnership. 

However, you likely have noticed there have been a lot of small issues with your business partner. Maybe they do not know how to run a business as well as they said. They may have let work go undone until the very last minute. Or, they may have created issues with clients that you later had to resolve. These kinds of small issues may be signs of larger issues. If these issues go on for too long, you may have a partnership dispute on your hands. Here is what you should know:

How do you resolve a business dispute?

A partnership dispute is any issue that is difficult to resolve with a business partner. A partnership dispute could create a lot of issues for your business. Most businesses eventually have partnership disputes, but it is important to resolve these issues before they get worse.

One of your options to resolve a business partnership dispute is discussing an issue through mediation. A mediator can help discuss the smaller issues you have been noticing your partner is causing and talk about how there is concern about larger issues. Maybe these larger issues are related to communication differences, failed expectations or agreement misunderstandings. 

Going through mediation can help resolve a partnership issue without having to take the matter higher, which could lead to trouble for your business’s reputation and structure.