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2 steps to take before truck accident claim mediation

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2024 | Auto Accident Claim Dispute Mediation

People who suffer an injury in a semitruck crash may opt to pursue a compensation claim. While some of these cases go through the litigation process, many are resolved through mediation. This process uses a third-party mediator to help the two parties come to a mutually agreeable terms.

Victims who are going to go through mediation need to ensure they’re ready for the process. There are several points to consider before going into the negotiations. While there might be others to think about, these points are a good place to start.

1. Gather facts about the cause of the crash

When the complainant can show they have proof of the cause of the crash and that that negligence was on the part of the trucker, the defendant might be more inclined to offer a more favorable settlement. This information should be presented properly because mediation should be a mutually respectful process. 

2. Get a comprehensive account of expenses

One thing that victims must remember is that they only have one time to get the compensation they need. This includes the expenses they already know about, as well as the expenses they’ll likely have in the future. These victims can benefit from legal representation for this point because they can review previous cases to determine the compensation provided for similar cases. 

Ultimately, semitruck crash settlement mediation has to be handled using proper negotiation techniques, so working with someone familiar with this type of matter might benefit the victims. There’s no reason for the victims of these crashes to be left holding the financial burden for a negligent trucker’s actions.