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3 reasons to choose mediation for your MVA claim

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2024 | Auto Accident Claim Dispute Mediation

If you are considering filing a motor vehicle accident claim, you can choose to go the court route or alternative dispute resolution to get a fair settlement and resolve the matter efficiently outside of formal litigation.

Among the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods that you can consider is mediation, which offers several advantages for resolving your motor vehicle accident claim.

1. Protects your privacy

Unlike courtroom proceedings, mediation offers a confidential environment where discussions and negotiations remain private. This confidentiality helps ensure that sensitive information disclosed during the mediation process does not become a matter of public record. By safeguarding your privacy, mediation allows you to discuss personal details and concerns more freely without the fear of them being used against you in future proceedings.

2. Helps preserve relationships

The non-adversarial nature of mediation fosters open communication and cooperation between parties, helping to preserve relationships strained by the motor vehicle accident. Unlike the confrontational atmosphere of a courtroom, mediation encourages constructive dialogue and mutual understanding. This can be particularly valuable when the accident involves family members, friends or colleagues, as mediation provides a platform where parties can express their concerns, acknowledge each other’s perspectives and work towards a mutually acceptable resolution.

3. It is cost-efficient

Traditional litigation is a lengthy and expensive process involving court fees, attorney fees, expert witness fees and other legal expenses that can quickly escalate. In contrast, mediation offers a more cost-effective alternative. Since mediation typically takes less time than going to trial, it reduces the overall legal costs involved in resolving the motor vehicle accident claim. Mediation often requires only one mediator, whereas litigation may involve multiple lawyers and court appearances, further driving up expenses.

Consider seeking legal guidance to better understand the mediation process and its implications for your motor vehicle accident claim.