From Judge To Mediator – Three Decades Of Resolving Disputes

As a retired judge, Robert Ruehlman understands that there is more than one way to settle a legal issue. Mediation is a useful tool in resolving many types of disputes. The process relies on a skilled mediator to guide the negotiations. Attorney Ruehlman brings 36 years of experience as a judge to his mediation practice.

Attorney Robert Ruehlman practices mediation in Cincinnati and Southwest and central Ohio.

Bringing 36 Years Of Experience As A Judge To Your Mediation

For over 36 years, Attorney Robert Ruehlman served as a judge on the Hamilton County Ohio Court of Common Pleas. Now retired from the bench, he devotes his law practice to mediation. He puts his experience as a judge to work helping individuals find common ground to settle disputes.

Mediation can be a less confrontational and more cost-efficient way to resolve a business or personal issue. You work with a mediator who will help those involved in the dispute come to a mutually acceptable solution. Attorney Ruehlman handles mediation for commercial and civil disputes as well as auto accident claim disputes.

Why Choose Mediation?

If you are involved in a dispute such as a disagreement with a neighbor over property lines or with a business partner, there are various ways you can handle it. One way is to go to court; another option is mediation. Mediation allows you to have input into an acceptable solution rather than relying on the court to decide.

Mediation is less formal than a court case, so the process may be less intimidating. You can choose to have an attorney present, or you can meet with the mediator without your lawyer. The mediator is impartial, providing an unbiased voice. Following a decades-long career as a judge, attorney Ruehlman takes pride in putting his experience on the bench to use as a mediator.

Is Mediation Right For You?

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Mediation can keep you out of court.