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Mediation For Civil Matters

Following his retirement as a judge for the Hamilton County Ohio Court of Common Pleas, Robert Ruehlman founded his own mediation firm to serve the greater Cincinnati metro area, as well as southwest and central Ohio. He is a Cincinnati mediation attorney who facilitates settlement negotiations for parties seeking mediation as an alternative form of dispute resolution in civil matters with decades of experience.

The Advantages Of Mediation For Civil Issues

Courts have full dockets and are bound by strict filing rules and notice requirements. Often, court dates are scheduled weeks and months out, leaving conflicts to drag on for months or even years. With mediation and the use of a neutral facilitator, problem-solving and scheduling power remains in the hands of the parties involved. If there is a way to negotiate a settlement in advance of a formal trial, parties can avoid legal fees that can be costly. Even more important, parties save time by resolving their issues in a more efficient manner, allowing them to get back to their regular lives.

Resolving Many Types Of Civil Matters Through Mediation

At Robert Ruehlman Mediation, Attorney Ruehlman lends his decades of experience as a judge to parties negotiating settlements in most civil matters and conflicts. After serving on the bench, he has witnessed and had to rule on a wide range of civil disputes. The knowledge and experience he gained as a neutral party are invaluable for parties who are serious about collaborating to problem-solve their conflicts and settle their case.

Mediating Commercial Disputes

Commercial disputes can encompass any kind of business conflict that lead to commercial litigation. As a retired judge, mediation attorney Rheulman has ruled on cases that involve a wide range of commercial disputes including:

  • Allegations that a party breached fiduciary duties and responsibilities
  • Claims of a breach or tortious interference with a contract
  • Disagreements regarding real estate transactions
  • Disputes related to land use and other real estate matters

Whether the parties involve individuals or business entities, mediation can be a cost-effective solution and help resolve cases creatively and efficiently, with solutions that work for both parties.

Mediating Civil Disputes

When two parties find themselves tangled up in a lawsuit and on the verge of litigation, mediation can be one way to preserve the relationship. Litigation is contentious. Fighting an issue to resolution in a courtroom setting can ultimately burn bridges and working relationships. Mediation – with its creative problem-solving and collaborative approach to conflict resolution – has the potential to save a working relationship as parties move beyond their dispute.

Mediation For Car Accident And Motor Vehicle Cases

Mediators can be valuable in reaching a settlement negotiation for personal injury claims and motor vehicle lawsuits. In a personal injury claim, especially with a car accident case involving an insurance company, a neutral facilitator like a mediator can work on behalf of both parties to help the parties collaborate on a number. Unlike arbitration, mediation is nonbinding, meaning parties are still free to pursue their lawsuit if a settlement can’t be reached. If you are a party to a lawsuit considering mediation to resolve a civil court case, there can be a lot of questions. As a former judge, attorney Ruehlman provides answers to some of the more commonly asked questions, but he is also available by appointment and looks forward to answering any specific questions you might have.

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