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A Retired Judge Dedicated To Dispute Resolution

Attorney Robert Ruehlman is a recently retired judge from the Ohio Court of Common Pleas who has dedicated his lengthy legal career to dispute resolution. Now, he has founded Robert Ruehlman Mediation to devote his practice to serving as a mediator and helping parties resolve their legal conflicts. His decades of experience on the bench provide his clients in the greater Cincinnati area with an invaluable perspective.

The Evolution Of Alternative Forms Of Dispute Resolution And Mediation

Throughout the past several decades, the legal system has turned more and more frequently to alternative forms of dispute resolution. Out of all the various types of dispute resolution models, mediation has emerged as one of the best ways for parties to resolve their conflicts without having to go to court. Mediation offers parties a chance to negotiate with the help of a neutral facilitator and allows the parties to collaborate on creative solutions for their conflicts.

Why Choose A Retired Judge As A Mediator

Attorney Ruehlman served the local community as a judge for decades. In that time, he not only observed a wide range of cases in the courtroom, but in his role as an impartial decision-maker, he also ruled on those legal conflicts based on the facts of each case and applicable laws. As a mediator, attorney Ruehlman uses this knowledge in facilitating conflict resolution for the following types of cases:

  • Commercial and business disputes
  • Civil matters and disputes
  • Motor vehicle and car accident claims

His perspective as a former judge is invaluable for parties who need a mediator and an impartial facilitator. He has an innate understanding of how a judge would rule in any given situation cultivated from his decades on the bench, so he can provide parties with an impartial opinion about the strength of their position and their chance for success if they were to find themselves in court before a judge.

Reach Out To Learn More

To learn more about how mediation can help your case reach a settlement, or to inquire about attorney Ruehlman’s availability to mediate your case, fill out the required information on his website form or call his office at 513-721-1504.